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Fall 2018

Wired Up

Wired Up is an entertainment news show that focuses on pop culture, film, music, and television industries. With exclusive spoilers, trends, and reviews … we’ll give you the scoop and more.

Curtain Call

Four mismatched college students are thrown together to write and produce their University’s upcoming musical. Egos clash, and they discover it takes more than talent to run a show.

Touch of Reality 

Touch of Reality is a psychological horror anthology series that explores elements of the human psyche in each of the characters. With a basis in loss, jealousy, attachment, and stress responses, we see just how far the human mind can be pushed.

Spring 2018

High Wire Days

A field narrative following the lives of several college students in the 90s trying to make it through life together.

Overnight with Oscar

This late-night talk/variety show answers the question: “How weird can TV possibly get?”

Titan Overtime

A weekly in-depth look at UW Oshkosh sports.


A three-hour live remote broadcast featuring performances by four bands as well as interviews, games and music-themed packages.

Fall 2017

Cole & Claudia’s Christmas Show

One-hour holiday, musical special.

History Oshkosh

Documentary exploring the history and influence of the lumber industry in Oshkosh from its inception to the present day.

The Professionals

A friendly competition between two college clubs turns into a personal war between leaders not ready to lead in this mockumentary series.

Titan Overtime

A weekly in-depth look at UW Oshkosh sports.

Spring 2017

Plugged In

A talk show featuring local Wisconsin musicians and artists. Interviews and games with talented guests and well as some performances are what’s in store- are you ‘Plugged In?’

Deals and Delicacies

A cooking show featuring tasty meals and snacks that any college student can make on a budget.

Live from AC West

A one hour live special event on April 25th. Featuring live and pre-taped sketches from UWO students.


A three hour live remote broadcast on March 9th. Featuring performances by four bands as well as interviews/games and music themed packages.

Fall 2016

C Life Season 2

A lifestyle/talk show featuring college students involved in different clubs, organizations, and majors at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear is a series that chronicles the ups and downs of a college student battling bipolar disorder.

Spring 2016

C Life Season 1

Join four students as they explore and discuss different college experiences.  They interview student organizations, cook, play trivia, and more.

Achieve It

As of 2030, Aidem Industries controls the nation and the citizens who embody it. After the age of seventeen, all citizens must wear colored bands that define their social status. Status is defined by a variety of physical characteristics.Women are defined by one band. Men are defined by many. Aidem governs 250 million citizens. This is the story of one.


Prepare to be amazed as host Vic Velazquez performs all manner of tricks, and illusions before your very eyes!

Fall 2015

Collection Temples

Join Andrew Severson as we travel Wisconsin and bring you the magic of collecting to your home. Every episode, a collector will reveal the significance and history of their collection.

Rosemary Park

When a body is discovered in Rosemary Park in the small midwestern town of Opaca, crime reporter, Allie Greene and Detective Luke Edison must work together to solve the murder. Will they be able to put aside their differences in order to put the killer behind bars?

UWO in 30

Weekly mix of talk, games, and the latest campus happenings. Produced by students in the Radio TV Film student production course.

Video Venue

Video Venue features music videos from bands all across the nation.

Spring 2015

Friends Without Benefits

After breaking up with her boyfriend, one woman attempts to find happiness, friendship and new independence while still sharing something with her ex: a lease.

Love Bites

Love Bites is a dark comedy with supernatural motifs that is composed by series of vignettes – love stories that can stand on their own, but join together through a main dramatic arc and two common themes, Love and Food.

Titan Playbook

An all encompassing sports talk show featuring sports news, guest interviews and live demonstrations.

Video Venue

Video Venue features music videos from bands all across the nation.

Fall 2014

Comedy Kosh

Comedy Kosh is a half-hour student-produced sketch comedy show. Original sketches are written, produced, and filmed by a large group of students. Sketches are pre-produced sketches alongside live in-studio sketches.

Video Venue

Video Venue features music videos from bands all across the nation.

Spring 2014

Paradox Division

Paradox Division tells the story of two partners, Jacob Armstrong and Calvin Knox, who work as field agents for the freelance time travel organization, Paradox Divison. Paradox Division carries out unique, time travel-based jobs for wealthy clientele while trying to maintain the stability of time itself.

Down by the River

Brock’s girlfriend left him over a year ago for another man. Unable to cope with the heartbreak, Brock lets his life go to waste and resorts to living out of his van. Kevin, however, won’t let Brock waste away without a fight. He is determined to get Brock back in the real world again.

Video Venue

Video Venue features music videos from bands all across the nation.

Fall 2013

We’re All Mad Here

Will leads a stressful life. Due to lack of sleep, he has hallucinations that campus and all his friends are characters from Wonderland. Can Will keep up normal appearances, or will he succumb to the wild fantasies inside his own mind?

Reading Between The Lines

Reading Between the Lines follows James on his path in Hollywood as an aspiring writer. While he lands a job reading at a studio, he meets Katherine. Katherine shows him the ropes and attempts to better James’ bad attitude with an attitude of her own. Although James has no tolerance for his new (and what he consideres to be mundane) job, his imagination gets the best of him as he reads each script. Good or bad, his mind throws him, Katherine, and his officemates into the story, feeling like a first-hand experience. James continues to work towards his goals while dreaming a little first. 

Explore Oshkosh

This show will help viewers explore Oshkosh and find the unique gems it holds. We will cover local businesses and events to inform new students of what is available for them in Oshkosh beyond the usual chain restaurants, shops, and events. 


Spring 2013

Works in Progress

Works in Progress follows an aspiring writer and theater director while she balances a terrible production, a crumbling friendship, and a new crush. 


Night Terrors

Night Terrors is a horror anthology where a group of friends take turns telling horror stories when the power goes out at a party. 

The Look

The Look is a fashion and beauty show. Each episode consists of ideas on style while saving, as well as going over topics of beauty products and applications.