Titan TV Executive Board

Station Manager: Ashley Stewart

The Station Manager is ultimately responsible for Titan TV. He or she communicates with Titan TV staff, producers, and students, maintains the constitution and handbook and oversees the Titan TV budget.

Meet Ashley

Duties: As station manager of Titan TV, I am in charge of communicating with Titan TV staff, producers, and students. I am the liaison between the station, the school, and the community. I’m also in charge of of helping oversee and maintain the budget for the station and I attend weekly meetings with the advisor, the executive board, and producers.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior Radio/TV/Film major with a theater minor.

Mini Bio: I have always had a love for television and telling stories. Being a part of the RTF program has allowed me to learn and develop my skills. I enjoy being a part of theatre and have been involved in many productions since I was a kid, both onstage and behind the scenes. My dream is to eventually become a producer, writer, or director for TV, hopefully in New York City.

Hobbies: I enjoy writing, watching TV, painting, history, and playing video games.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: Glee, The Walking Dead, Deadpool, Suicide Squad

Favorite Titan TV Memory: My favorite Titan TV memory is learning how to produce Video Venue two years ago. The experience taught me many things and helped me realized I love taking charge of my own TV show.

Contact Ashley at: titantv@uwosh.edu


Operations Manager: Geoff Pritzl

The Operations Manager assists producers with development and production of their shows. He or she assists Titan TV members with technology and workflow issues.

Meet Geoff

Duties: As operations manager I oversee all shows as well as sports and news. I work with show runners to make sure they have what they need and that everything runs smoothly.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior majoring in Radio/TV/Film and minoring in Philosophy.

Mini Bio: I’ve always loved film and television, and decided after some film classes I took my sophomore year to pursue Radio/TV/Film as a major, instead of psychology like I had intended.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching movies and TV, spending time with my friends, and playing video games.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Office and The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite Titan TV Memory: Filming in the same bank as Public Enemies in Oshkosh.

Contact Geoff at: ttvops@uwosh.edu



Programming Director: Brooke Bayer

The Programming Director maintains all Titan TV media including the archive. He or she programs and maintains the Titan TV scheduling and playout devices.

Meet Brooke

Duties: As programming director I plan out what goes on air every day for Titan TV as well archive old shows. I can be found working down in Master Control.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior Radio/TV/Film major and I am double minoring in business administration and organizational communications.

Mini Bio: I am originally from Mequon, WI but also spent some of my early life living in Pennsylvania. Outside of school, I work as a freelance videographer and photographer in the Milwaukee area, having worked for such companies as JX Peterbilt and Harley-Davidson. After graduation, I hope to work on production sets of Hollywood films or videographing extreme sports.
Hobbies: My hobbies include photography, traveling, hiking, and hanging with friends. I also enjoy polishing my skills in night and action photography.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: This is a tough question, I can only narrow it down to these: Scandal, Friday Night Lights, Last Man Standing, and the classic- Friends. Oh and my favorite movie by far is The Lion King.

Favorite Titan TV Memory: Everyday is my favorite TTV memory. Meeting so many people who have the same interest and passion as you, really makes Titan TV a blast to be a part of.

Contact Brooke at: ttvprogramming@uwosh.edu



Promotions Director: Christine Juhas

The Promotions Director is responsible for building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.

Meet Christine

Duties: I am responsible for promoting the station as a whole at UWO and within the Oshkosh community as well as building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior majoring in Radio/TV/Film and minoring in Music Industry.

Mini Bio: I grew up in Illinois but I’ve always had a love for Wisconsin.  I picked RTF as my major because I suck at math and geography but I like to think that I’m creative sometimes. I love to make people laugh and have ridiculous Snapchat stories featuring my intern Richard.  My first couple years at UWO I played rugby and I even worked as the school mascot.  Once I graduate I’d love to be a segment producer for a show like Jimmy Fallon or a music video director.

Hobbies: In my free time I like to splatter paint, write and perform stand-up comedy, and listen to music.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: My favorite TV show is New Girl and my favorite movie is She’s the Man.

Favorite Titan TV Memory: One of my favorite memories has been getting to know so many great people in the program and one time my producers and I got to film a package using those big bubble balls and we just ran around knocking each other down.

Contact Christine at: ttvpromotions@uwosh.edu


News Director: Amanda Beistle

The News Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.


Meet Amanda

Duties: As News Director I am responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.  I lead a team of reporters and anchors who collect stories from UW Oshkosh and the Fox Valley area.  I also help with the live broadcast on Fridays at 4pm. 

Year/Major/Minor:  I am a sophomore Radio/TV/Film major with a Music Industry minor.

Mini Bio: Whenever I have free time I am always watching a TV show, so I figured, why not go to school to learn how to make them. The RTF program has allowed me to dip my foot into everything to find out exactly what I am interested in as a career after graduation. Outside of Titan TV, I have a love for the theater and try to attend as many performances as I can. I also have an appreciation for classical music as I have been playing the violin since fourth grade.

Hobbies: Watching TV or movies, attending theater performances, playing/listening to music

Favorite TV Show/Movie: New Girl, How to Get Away with Murder; Movies: Deadpool, Harry Potter seriesThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Rick and Morty, and Mr. Robot

Favorite Titan TV Memory: 

My favorite Titan TV memory was when I worked as crew on the RTF Pro Perspectives Panel and had the opportunity to talk with RTF alumni about their careers and how they got where they are



Contact Amanda at: ttvnews@uwosh.edu



Sports Director: Sean Becher

The Sports Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s sports operations including live coverage of UWO sporting events.

Meet Sean

Duties: As Sports Director I am responsible for coordinating, preparing, and executing broadcasts of the UW Oshkosh Titan’s home sporting events, I also act as a liaison between Titan TV and the UW Oshkosh Athletics Department.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a junior majoring in Radio/TV/Film and minoring in Music Industry.

Mini Bio: I grew up in Stratford Wisconsin and came to UW Oshkosh as a first generation college student interested in radio broadcasting. I have since fallen in love with TV sports broadcasting and so I applied and became TTV’s Sports Director. If I’m not working on something for TTV I can usually be found at my house either cooking or playing Madden on XBox.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, camping, hiking.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: I like old westerns, but I don’t really have a favorite movie, and I’m a huge fan of Futurama.

Favorite Titan TV Memory: My favorite memory with TTV happened during a broadcast of the WIAC final four for Women’s Volleyball when myself and the other crew members couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous jokes one of the camera operators kept telling over the intercom while we were covering the game.


Contact Sean at: ttvsports@uwosh.edu


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