Titan TV Executive Board

Station Manager: Taylor Mueller

The Station Manager is ultimately responsible for Titan TV. He or she communicates with Titan TV staff, producers, and students, maintains the constitution and handbook and oversees the Titan TV budget.

Meet Taylor

Duties: As station manager of Titan TV, I am in charge of communicating with Titan TV staff, producers, and students. I am the liaison between the station, the school, and the community. I’m also in charge of of helping oversee and maintain the budget for the station and I attend weekly meetings with the advisor, the executive board, and producers.

Year/Major/Minor: Senior double majoring in Radio Tv Film and Public Relations.

Mini Bio: I am an adventurer, food lover, book worm and nature explorer. I love being able to travel and have been out of the country four times. I cannot wait for more experiences on this wonderful earth God has created. I am a people person, and anytime I can hangout with people while eating food I am a very very happy human. My favorite season is fall, favorite food has to be tacos, favorite song right now is Reckless love by Cory Asbury *highly recommend

and I love iced coffee over hot coffee any day, even in the winter.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: Game of Thrones

Favorite Titan TV Memory: Being able to direct Overnight with Oscar and working with such a great group of people with wonderful imaginations. Also having a plant as a “host” was quite humorous.

Contact Taylor at: staff.muellt68@uwosh.edu

Operations Manager: Brandon Fuller

The Operations Manager assists producers with development and production of their shows. He or she assists Titan TV members with technology and workflow issues.

Meet Brandon

Duties: As operations manager I oversee all shows as well as sports and news. I work with show runners to make sure they have what they need and that everything runs smoothly.

Year/Major/Minor: Senior Radio/Tv/Film major and Journalism minor.

Mini Bio: My hometown is Franklin, Wisconsin. I’m a very passionate RTF student and I am really excited to work in the industry. I love spending free time watching TV shows and hanging out with friends. Parks and Rec is slightly better than the Office but let’s not get into that right now.

Hobbies: Collecting vinyl and playing video games.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: A Clockwork Orange

Favorite Titan TV Memory: Working late on Thursday nights for news with Trevor and Crystal.

Contact Brandon at: staff.fulleb58@uwosh.edu

Programming Director: Crystal Perez

The Programming Director maintains all Titan TV media including the archive. He or she programs and maintains the Titan TV scheduling and playout devices.

Meet Crystal

Duties: As programming director, I plan out what goes on air every day for Titan TV as well archive old shows. I can be found working down in Master Control.

Year/Major/Minor: Senior majoring in Radio/Tv/Film and minoring in psychology.

Mini Bio: I was born in Madison but grew up in Central Florida. I was introduced to television in elementary school by doing the school’s news. In high school, I grew my love for television and learned to create various content for news and sports. Now living in Oshkosh, I have experienced more news and sports and have tried new things like making a documentary and going on the radio. My dreams are to be a producer for either film or television and just be able to love what I’m creating.

Hobbies: Crafts, Photography, Reading, Organizing & Going on Adventures

Favorite TV Show/Movie: Caste Rock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favorite Titan TV Memory: Looking at old photographs and finding out things that most people don’t know was neat. Eric and I became best friends through the documentary, the kind of friendship that lasts until we’re old. Probably will be sharing memes with each other still. 

Contact Crystal at: staff.perezc43@uwosh.edu


Promotions Director: Jolee Mallmann

The Promotions Director is responsible for building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.

Meet Jolee

Duties: I am responsible for promoting the station as a whole at UWO and within the Oshkosh community as well as building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior majoring in Radio/Tv/Film and minoring in Creative Writing.

Mini Bio: I love photography, I always have loved art and growing up I’ve always loved to be online. Social media has become such an expressive form of art for me and I am feeling extra thankful I am able to be here for Titan Tv to help grow it’s aesthetic. I am from Neenah, Wi but I am hoping to go honestly everywhere else in the future. Until then find me lurking in the A&C. I also love Halloween and would like to say it’s a very big goal of mine to embrace always the spooky moments in life. My life is heavily centered around the experiences I gained through volunteer work at my local Brigade and camp counseling through their Camp Onaway. A lot of the work I put out I hope reflects the kindness and creativity I’ve experienced during that summer camp. 

Hobbies: Hula Hooping, painting, Instagram & camping

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Hot Rod” “Black Mirror” and “G.L.O.W.”

Favorite Titan TV Memory: When Oscar brought a confetti launcher into the studio.

Contact Jolee at: staff.mallmj11@uwosh.edu

News Director: Cody Barnes

The News Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.

Meet Cody

Duties: As News Director I am responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.  I lead a team of reporters and anchors who collect stories from UW Oshkosh and the Fox Valley area.  I also help with the live broadcast on Fridays at 4pm. 


Mini Bio: Hello I’m Cody! I started doing news in a small station that covered 25,000 people with about 1,000 active listeners. I loved finding out what was going on in the community before anyone else and I loved the responsibility and great reward of letting the community know what is going on. I’m going to school now to broaden my skills and create great news. I want to make sure every student is more than prepared to go into the world of news beyond the walls of UWO, and have some fun while doing it!

Hobbies:  Netflix, Water Skiing, Demolition Derby, Announcing, and Video games

Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Newsroom:Starring Jeff Daniels and The Cloud Atlas

Favorite Titan TV Memory: The Weekly news meetings are always a blast and we feel like family


Contact Cody at: staff.barnec73@uwosh.edu


Sports Director: Christine Bjornstal

The Sports Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s sports operations including live coverage of UWO sporting events.

Meet Chris

Duties: As Sports Director I am responsible for coordinating, preparing, and executing broadcasts of the UW Oshkosh Titan’s home sporting events, I also act as a liaison between Titan TV and the UW Oshkosh Athletics Department.

Year/Major/Minor: Senior Radio Tv Film major and Anthropology minor.

Mini Bio: Ever since I was little sports have always been a part of my life. Growing up I played soccer and volleyball but I did manage to try just about every sport out there. When I gave sports commentating a try a few years ago I enjoyed the games more than ever. Last year you may have heard me on soccer, vollyball and basketball broadcasts. Someday I hope to be a sports commentator for soccer, volleyball or just working on any sports broadcast would be a dream come true.

Hobbies: Watching and playing sports, video games, photography and making videos.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Crown and The Good Place

Favorite Titan TV Memory: Following the Men’s Basketball team to Salem, Virginia for the 2018 Final Four with Titan Overtime.

Contact Chris at: staff.bjornc68@uwosh.edu

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