Executive Board

Station Manager: Kaitlyn Smith

The Station Manager is ultimately responsible for Titan TV. They communicate with Titan TV staff, producers, and students, maintain the constitution and handbook and oversee the Titan TV budget.

Contact Kaitlyn at: staff.smithk69@uwosh.edu

Operations Manager: Damon Hoffman

The Operations Manager assists producers with development and production of their shows. They assist Titan TV members with technology and workflow issues.

Contact Damon at: staff.hoffmd78@uwosh.edu

Programming Director: Tia Schultz

The Programming Director maintains all Titan TV media including the archive. They program and maintain the Titan TV scheduling and playout devices.

Contact Tia at: staff.schult27@uwosh.edu

Promotions Director: Crystal Roberts

The Promotions Director is responsible for building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.

Contact Crystal at: staff.roberc18@uwosh.edu

News Director: Kyle Winek

The News Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.

Contact Kyle at: staff.winekk17@uwosh.edu

Sports Director: Billy Piotrowski

The Sports Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s sports operations including live coverage of UWO sporting events.

Contact Billy at: staff.piotrb28@uwosh.edu