Titan TV Executive Board

Station Manager: Sean Becher

The Station Manager is ultimately responsible for Titan TV. He or she communicates with Titan TV staff, producers, and students, maintains the constitution and handbook and oversees the Titan TV budget.


Meet Sean

Duties: As station manager of Titan TV, I am in charge of communicating with Titan TV staff, producers, and students. I am the liaison between the station, the school, and the community. I’m also in charge of of helping oversee and maintain the budget for the station and I attend weekly meetings with the advisor, the executive board, and producers.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior Radio-TV-Film major with a Music Industry minor.

Mini Bio: I’m from a tiny town in Wisconsin called Stratford. Growing up, the local news anchors were my heroes and that definitely influenced my career choice. Here at UWO, however, I started working on live sports remotes and instantly fell in love with it. In the past I’ve been Titan TV’s Sports Director, and I’ve also worked for CBS on the sidelines of Lambeau Field as a broadcast utility. Over this past summer, I interned with the Wisconsin Woodchucks, a Northwoods League baseball team, as their Video/Webcast Intern and directed live broadcasts of their games. I was also recently hired by the Green Bay Packers in house production team as a sideline grip. I am excited to be Titan TV’s Station Manager this year, and I am looking forward to everything TTV has in store for the year.

Hobbies: Watching TV (especially sports), cooking, camping and hiking

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Futurama” and “M*A*S*H”

Favorite Titan TV Memory: I have too many Titan TV memories to count, but my favorite goes all the way back to my sophomore year. I was still kind of new to sports remotes, but I wanted to learn more about the more advanced positions on the broadcast, so I asked the current Sports Director, Ross, if I could shadow him as he directed. It was during a football game and everything was going well until the third quarter when something began to malfunction. Ross decided to pass the director’s headset to me and have me begin my first time directing on the fly as he fixed the problem. He had me continue to direct for the rest of the game, it obviously wasn’t a perfect broadcast, but it was still one of the cooler things to happen to me.

Contact Sean at: titantv@uwosh.edu


Operations Manager: Amanda Beistle

The Operations Manager assists producers with development and production of their shows. He or she assists Titan TV members with technology and workflow issues.


Meet Amanda

Duties: As operations manager I oversee all shows as well as sports and news. I work with show runners to make sure they have what they need and that everything runs smoothly.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a junior majoring in Radio-TV-Film and minoring in the Music Industry.

Mini Bio: I am from Appleton, WI ,and whenever I have free time, I am always watching a TV show, so I figured, why not go to school to learn how to make them? The RTF program has allowed me to dip my foot into everything to find out exactly what I am interested in as a career after graduation. I joined Titan TV my freshman year just to learn more about it and haven’t regretted it. Outside of Titan TV, I have a love for the theater and try to attend as many performances as I can.

Hobbies: Watching TV (obviously), video games, hanging out with friends

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Quantico” and “New Girl”

Favorite Titan TV Memory:

During the production “Live from AC West,” I was the technical director, and it hit a point where I was directing, technical directing, and assistant directing all at once. It was only for about five minutes or so. The AD and director were trying to quickly figure out a problem with one of our programs and Ashley, the director, just told me to take the wheel while they solved the problem. While my brain had to multitask many different things, it taught me a lot and gave me the confidence I needed to feel comfortable in advanced positions.

Contact Amanda at: ttvops@uwosh.edu


Programming Director: Taylor Mueller

The Programming Director maintains all Titan TV media including the archive. He or she programs and maintains the Titan TV scheduling and playout devices.


Meet Taylor

Duties: As programming director I plan out what goes on air every day for Titan TV as well archive old shows. I can be found working down in Master Control.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a junior double majoring in Radio-TV-Film and Public Relations.

Mini Bio: Coming in at just about five feet, I usually take hot chocolate or tea over coffee any day. My favorite season is fall, and I am not the biggest fan of heights. I am from Neenah, WI, and I decided to stay close to home because of the amazing journalism program that UWO offers. On top of journalism, I found Radio-TV-Film and decided to double major, because why not? I love watching movies and have always enjoyed learning how movies are made. Titan TV has allowed me to experience all that the world of TV has to offer. I have been able to host a show, produce two shows, create posters, run social media platforms and create long lasting friendships. My three years of college have taught me that my career goals have definitely changed. I have found my passion in social media and event planning and will be working on specializing my future career in public relations.
Hobbies: Anything outdoors, Traveling, Exploring coffee shops, Reading

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Tangled and anything Marvel

Favorite Titan TV Memory: I was a host for “C-Life” season two, and my favorite episode was the Halloween one for sure! We got to dress up and wear costumes, tell scary stories and do a video on how to do the best halloween shopping in the area. The whole episode was fantastic and very enjoyable.

Contact Taylor at: ttvprogramming@uwosh.edu


Promotions Director: Katie Biersach

The Promotions Director is responsible for building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.


Meet Katie

Duties: I am responsible for promoting the station as a whole at UWO and within the Oshkosh community as well as building and maintaining the Titan TV brand by working with other executive board members and producers.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Radio-TV-Film.

Mini Bio: I’m a senior? My college career has gone by way too fast. I’m from Waukesha, WI and have a passion for the entertainment industry. I interned in Los Angeles last summer through the Television Academy. Not only did I get a lot of great entertainment public relations experience, but the connections I made were invaluable. I love the fast-paced atmosphere of the industry and all of the events, like award shows, the TCAs, etc. I’ve previously been the president of the Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter at UWO, but I wanted to gain for entertainment experience, and I knew that I could do that through Titan TV.

Hobbies: Quoting TV Shows, traveling, collecting postcards and listening to music

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Friends,” “Riverdale,” and “Parks & Recreation”

Favorite Titan TV Memory: One day on “The C-Life” they were making taco dip for the episode, and we got to eat it after we finished shooting. It was delicious, and I wish we had it at every show.

Contact Katie at: ttvpromotions@uwosh.edu


News Director: Trevor Woloszyk

The News Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.


Meet Trevor

Duties: As News Director I am responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s news operations including Titan TV News and live, remote events.  I lead a team of reporters and anchors who collect stories from UW Oshkosh and the Fox Valley area.  I also help with the live broadcast on Fridays at 4pm. 

Year/Major/Minor:  I am a senior double majoring in Radio-TV-Film and History.

Mini Bio: Hailing from St. Charles, IL , I was originally trying to become an engineer, but I was pretty bad at math. I then tried to attend a gunsmithing school but was put on a six year wait list. But I felt a calling towards the UWO RTF program and have never looked back.

Hobbies: Airsoft, gaming, building computers, shooting, and cooking

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Game of Thrones” and “Kingsmen

Favorite Titan TV Memory: 

There are so many to chose from, but all of the late-night conversations I’ve had with my friends in the edit bays and office.

Contact Trevor at: ttvnews@uwosh.edu



Sports Director: Sam Ellyson

The Sports Director is responsible for overseeing Titan TV’s sports operations including live coverage of UWO sporting events.


Meet Sam

Duties: As Sports Director I am responsible for coordinating, preparing, and executing broadcasts of the UW Oshkosh Titan’s home sporting events, I also act as a liaison between Titan TV and the UW Oshkosh Athletics Department.

Year/Major/Minor: I am a senior majoring in Radio-TV-Film and minoring in Theatre.

Mini Bio: Hailing from Neenah, WI, I came to UW Oshkosh after a year at UW-Fox Valley to find a path towards a career in broadcasting. Since I started enrolling here, I was always watching for when the next sports broadcast would be, starting at camera to being asked to produce on a whim. From an internship at Cumulus Media to becoming the Sports Director, my adventure here at Oshkosh is one to cherish.

Hobbies: Video games, watching sports (Literally any sport; I’ll sit and watch for hours), watching movies and listening to music.

Favorite TV Show/Movie: “Archer” and “Se7en

Favorite Titan TV Memory:

Last year at some point, I was directing a women’s basketball game, and I got into fierce (but friendly) debate with one of my commentators over pineapple as a pizza topping. Thankfully, it took place over breaks so no air time was used for our little scuffle.


Contact Sam at: ttvsports@uwosh.edu

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