Original television broadcasts created at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh started in 1968. A group of students began producing daily newscasts from Clow Social Science Center in which they reported on-campus protests to the United States’ involvement in Southeast Asia.

In 1971, UWO television moved into fully-functioning television studios in the newly completed Arts and Communications Center. From here, newscasts continued to be produced and aired on the campus cable system.

With UWO’s new studios, the production schedule was expanded in the 1972-73 school year. In addition to newscasts, students began producing two instructional series for WPNE-TV in Green Bay.

In 1974, UWO’s programming was advanced from the campus cable network to the city cable network. This was the birth of Titan TV 2. Students continued to produce one hour of programming per week for the channel.

11584779993_abc0b390c9_zNow, with a larger network and a professional studio, Titan TV continued to add programs to its schedule. In 1976, the channel added This Week, a show that included features, interviews, sports, arts, and campus life, to its schedule. Students and their advisor, Al Folker, also began shooting the series Ski Tips on location in ’76. By 1979, UW Oshkosh’s Ski Tips was available to more than 1.5 million households as it was carried by seven different television stations with coverage in five states.

In 1984, UWO was one of the nation’s first campuses to be affiliated with the Campus Network of New York. The Campus Network would send three hours of programming to its affiliates, via satellite, weekly. Titan TV 2 would record the transmission and include it in their weekly programming. The Campus Network programming included campus-produced programs from affiliated universities, as well as nationally produced shows such as documentaries, how-tos, comedy, drama, and weekly specials.

11584912084_fb3e1c2d64_zIn 1991, Titan TV moved from channel 2 to channel 20. Later, in the mid ‘90s, Titan TV became Titan TV channel 12 due to the creation of Oshkosh Cable Access Television (OCAT). In 2003, Titan TV became Titan TV 66. On May 10, 2011, Titan TV moved to its new home on Channel 57. Two years later, in the fall of 2013, Titan TV once again moved to Spectrum Channel 10-57.

In November of 2018, Titan TV made an exciting move into the streaming realm of viewing with Roku and Apple TV. This expansion would allow viewers to access Titan TV content by downloading the Cablecast Screenweave app to their Roku or Apple TV and selecting Titan TV from the list of channels.

Since its introduction, Titan TV’s programming and technical advancements have continued to grow exponentially. Titan TV has created student-produced shows ranging from news, sports, sketch comedies, game shows, music videos, how-tos, informational programs and others.

Titan TV continues to advance in television production with the mission to be a student run television station, which creates original programming and helps educate fellow students in television production and management through the sharing of knowledge and the fostering of leadership.