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Pitching Your Show For Titan TV


Hooray!! You’re thinking about pitching your show for TTV! This is an incredible opportunity for you and your peers to gain real TV experience and learn about the nooks and crannies all the way from preproduction to postproduction.


The deadline for spring 2018 pitches has passed. Please stay tuned for fall 2018 pitches.


Follow the steps below to prepare/submit your treatment and application.


  1. Review the Call for Treatments.
  2. Review the Pitch Guidelines Sheet.
  3. Fill out the general Google Pitch Application.
  4. Fill out the Google Pitch Form.
  5. Schedule a time to present your pitch* via Google Calendar.

*Pitches will take place in the TV Conference Room (W115 in the West A/C), which is next to Smock’s office and across from Claire’s office.

Any questions? Email us at titantv@uwosh.edu.


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